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Benefits of IFG

What Benefits do you Receive from the IFG Solution?

Invoice discounting, through The Interface Financial Group®, is a user-friendly “use-it-as-you-need-it” flexible financing solution that improves your cash flow and enhances your ability to compete.

“Use-It-As-You-Need-It” Financing

Unlike conventional lending sources, like banks and factors, IFG invoice discounting solution is very user-friendly. Our solution involves no long-term commitments or recurring monthly minimum invoice discounting volume requirements. You sell us accounts receivable only when you need cash. You do not have to sell us a minimum amount of receivables each month, or sell us receivables every month for a one or two-year contractual period. If you only need one-time funding, we can provide it.

Immediate Cash That Allows You To Compete

We help you, as a supplier of goods and services, turn your quality accounts receivable into instant cash. Our solution essentially converts a sale, with 30 to 45-day payment terms, into a “cash-on-delivery” sale. As a result, you have the funds needed to finance your next sale immediately – not 30 to 45 days later – and/or to take advantage of vendor discounts (by paying earlier or buying larger quantities). This way you can increase your sales and revenue, accelerate your growth, lower your costs, and increase your profitability. Moreover, our solution allows you to compete on the basis of payment terms (and not just price) – a particularly profitable strategy if you can build in some of the costs of our solution into your pricing structure.

Not Age Sensitive

We offer a funding solution for any business that has sales and generates accounts receivable from other businesses, and from governmental authorities. Unlike many banks or factors, we do not flatly reject you as a potential client merely because you have not been in business for at least two years. Some of our clients have, in fact, been in business for only a few months.

Not Balance Sheet Sensitive

Our review and approval process does not focus exclusively on your balance sheet. We do not flatly reject you because you have a weak balance sheet, or because you have experienced a negative credit event in your recent past. We focus more on the financial strength of your customers (the account debtors) -- of those businesses who have an obligation to pay your invoices.

Personal Service

All Interface offices are independently owned and operated on a local basis, with experienced executives who respond to the needs of their clients personally. You local Interface office is your only point of contact, so things happen quickly. There are no layers of bureaucracy or lengthy review and approval processes.

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